The Weeve Platform

Bridging the future Machine Economy

The machine-to-machine economy turns IoT devices into smart, autonomous, networked and economically independent machines acting as the participants carrying on the necessary activities with little to no human intervention. The Weeve Platform provides the necessary components to advance current IoT platforms to the machine economy by empowering the realization of novel machine-driven applications.

Key Features

Technical overview


The enterprise-ready broker supports most IoT communications protocols like MQTT, CoApp, STOMP and more to smoothly integrate with IoT platforms. weeveMQ supports the patent-pending MQTTS protocol, bringing secure and authentic communication to IoT devices where SSL/TLS is no option due to limited computational resources or where battery consumption is vital.


Data Firewall

The Weeve Data Firewall technology filters out low-quality data sets to make sure that only reliable data is processable. The testimony, a patent-pending cryptographic technique, enables data authentication at the IoT device, adding a standardised quality control to data assessment. The unique method significantly reduces data forgery and device contamination, while increasing data integrity.


IoT Wallet

The weeve Wallet facilitates brand new payment mechanisms and enables IoT devices to participate in monetary trades. Designed with security-by-design principals, the weeve Wallet utilizes cutting-edge cryptography to ensure the secure movement of payment tokens. This allows automated invoicing noticeably reducing billing and tax costs.


API Integration

The weeve API offers greatest modularity and interoperability. It allows the connection to existing IoT platforms (eg. Mindsphere, Hana, AWS, Azure) and Blockchain technologies (eg. Ethereum, Hyperledger). Through a simple API integration, novel business models centered around the machine economy are implementable more effectively and efficiently.

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